The future of intelligence evolution and IoT cybersecurity relies on a strategic approach that integrates supply chain sustainability and security. By leveraging intelligent technologies and prioritizing standards and conformance, we can create a more resilient and secure future for all. Don't miss out—join us at Savoy Place, London, UK, on 18-19 June 2024!







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TRACK 1: Intelligence Evolution: Transforming Business and Driving Progress

Intelligence evolution is essential for the advancement of automation. As automation technologies continue to evolve, the integration of advanced intelligence capabilities, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics enable automation systems to learn, adapt and make informed decisions. This ultimately improves efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Through this track, discover how intelligent automation will allow your organization to unlock new possibilities in automation and drive transformative change across various industries.

  • Prepare your organization to comply with the updated Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) through an examination of the framework that aims to provide a culture of security across critical infrastructure industries in the European Union.
  • Learn effective strategies for integrating AI, data analytics and machine learning into your organization’s cybersecurity framework to enhance your ability to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats.
  • Recognize the importance of developing a quantum-resistant plan to protect against potential security risks associated with quantum computing.
  • Discover how incorporating threat intelligence into your supply chain risk management processes enables you to identify and prioritize potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks to develop targeted mitigation strategies that protect against emerging cyber threats.
  • Examine the latest trends, challenges and best practices to build and maintain an organizational threat intelligence program.

TRACK 2: Securing IoT: Optimizing Cybersecurity for a Protected Future

While the internet of things (IoT) has transformed various industries, it has also highlighted the need for organizations to adopt robust cybersecurity frameworks and stay informed about emerging cybersecurity threats.

Through this track, discover how to prioritize IoT cybersecurity to build a more secure and trustworthy ecosystem.

  • Discover the core principles of secure by design and discuss approaches to communicating cybersecurity requirements to the vendor community.
  • Identify common challenges faced in the energy sector and learn how implementing of ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards ensures a robust cybersecurity position.
  • Explore how the water/wastewater industry is tackling cybersecurity threats and ISA/IEC 62443 to respond to NIS2.
  • Learn how the maritime industry faces challenges in cybersecurity as it undergoes digitalization, and how cybersecurity experts play a crucial role in developing strategies to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of operations at sea and in port.
  • Stay updated with recent advancements in generative AI, particularly in areas such as autonomous vehicles, image and speech generation, and cyber threat tracking. 

Meet Our Keynotes


Sarah Fluchs

CTO, admeritia GmbH


Simon Hodgkinson

Former BP CISO

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Incident Command Systems for Industrial Control Systems (ICS4ICS)

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Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems (IC32)


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Assessing the Cybersecurity of New Existing IACS Systems (IC33)

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What Attendees Say About the Event

"It's been amazing networking and meeting new people. I've enjoyed talking and listening about other people's experiences in cybersecurity. What's been great about this event is all the vendors that are here and being exposed to new products."
Patrick Corbett
Patrick Corbett
Attendee, PepsiCo
"ISA events are great because the attendees are quite OT-centric, and that's the benefit, we as speakers get out of the conference. Also, it's well structured. ISA has the right slots, the right topics and it's a great conference for everyone in the OT industry to attend."
Anjay Mandalia
Anjay Mandalia
Speaker, TXOne Networks

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